July 23, 2013

Vacationing in Cape Cod, MA

It’s nice to be home from vacation but only for dependable and fast internet access so I am able to do what I love: BLOG.  Otherwise, I rather be basking in the sun under a clear blue sky with nothing to worry about other than sun protection.  Alivia and I had such a wonderful 3 day vacation in West Yarmouth.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  And unlike previous years, the ocean was exceptionally warm and inviting.  Even better than warm ocean water and sunshine was Alivia accomplishing some HUGE milestones!  After struggling with her for 2 Summers, I finally got her to walk on the sand!  It took some serious persistence and a thick skin when she began to melt down, but I stayed strong and was relieved to have it pay off!  Of course, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get her to do it  with bare feet so I came prepared with water shoes.  And when her shoes filled up with sand, I was pleasantly surprised it only took a little distraction and some mild coaxing to keep her from obsessing over it.  In no time at all my baby was playing in the sand comfortably!  She even, for the first time, played in the ocean water (something else I had been struggling with getting her to do)!  It was amazing watching her enjoy activities that once had her running for dry land, a shower, or my arms.  And if that’s not enough, on the very last day of our vacation, my sister handed her a water bottle and she drank out of it like a PRO!   What?!  It was as if the milestones kept being thrown at my baby but she continued to hit them right out of the park!  I was so proud of her!

While on vacation and at my sister’s house, I was able to photograph some of the items on my Dayz of Summer Photography Checklist and I couldn’t wait to share them with you!  It was so gratifying to be able to cross things off my list! 

If you want your very own checklist to challenge yourself this Summer, feel free to download it below and print out! 

(you know, without all the cross outs)

Days of Summer Photography Checklist RS
Did I mention I was featured over at Happy and Blessed Home for this very checklist?  I’m so excited!
Summer sunflower cape cod waves boat fruit salad watermelon sunset collage storyboard

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  1. Those sunflowers were gorgeous and sounds like a great vacation was had. So happy you did enjoy yourselves and nothing is better then seeing our kids reach certain milestones. I actually just got Lily to swim on her own this past summer and she is so proud of herself that is truly does make my heart melt that much more. So, I know what you mean about this first hand with Lily and with Emma, too (who is now swimming under water like a pro!).

  2. ooh more vacation pictures please!! :) What a nice time you had! I hate coming home from vacation.... sigh!! Love the sunset picture ... those are my favorite to take!

  3. Beautiful pictures!! I loved Cape Cod! We stayed in Harwich Port in an area that access to it's own little beach, which was perfect! But guess what? My daughter hated the beach!! It seemed like she didn't mind the sand so much but she hated the water and was freaked out by it! Thank God our rental had great WIFI because we ended up hanging out there a lot while the rest of the family was at the beach. Oh well!

  4. Lovely vacation pictures! I love Cape Cod. We went there earlier this month and we'll go again in August. Every summer I notice my daughter getting more comfortable with sand and ocean. My son has a long way to go but I like the thought that next year, he'll probably running in waves. Too young this year!

  5. We haven't been to Cape Cod for a long time. I love it there.

  6. This looks like a great project! Pinning for when I have time! :D

  7. Sounds like a wonderful vacation and lots of progress. Your photos are gorgeous! You are quite the photographer!!! Visiting with the blog hop.

  8. Gorgeous photos, I would love to go!

  9. I want to go to Cape Cod! These pictures pretty much sum up what summer is all about. Great post :)



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