June 6, 2013

Simple and Inexpensive Toys are Sometimes the Best Kind!

Some of the best toys are the ones that happen to be simple, the least inexpensive, and keep my little one entertained for hours.  Do you find this to be true?  

It seems like I'm always concerned with purchasing educational, highly rated and recommended, or consumer reviewed toys when it comes to my toddler.  And although a lot of these purchases end up being smart purchases in that my little one plays with them often, there are some that just sit in the toy box collecting dust leaving me questioning why. What's more is that most of the time these toys are among the most expensive purchases and I can't help to think  - what a waste.



Every so often my little one will come across a toy she wants that in my opinion is useless.  Useless in that it doesn’t teach, promote interaction, require participation, or do much of anything really!  What could she possibly find interesting about it?  Sometimes I’m guilty of thinking and analyzing way too much.  When I take a step back and try to think simple, I come to the realization that she is just a toddler.  Everything is new to her.  There are things, no matter how hard it is to imagine, that she has never seen or been introduced to.  Quite exciting I would imagine!  No matter how little that toy may have to offer, it still makes sense that it would catch the attention of a child.  Sometimes I need to be reminded that their curiosity often drives them to their decisions.  It runs the show, and why the heck not?  Curiosity is a wonderful thing!  It helps them learn.

toddler with car toy

So my advice to you?  Don’t put too much thought into every toy purchase you make (with the exception of safety and age considerations).  As long as they think it’s fun, that’s all that should matter! 

Today I thought I’d share some of the toys my little one loves.  They are all simple and inexpensive (dare I even say cheap).  And since you’re saving all this money, why not have some fun and splurge on a new pair of shoes for yourself?  That’s what I do!

inexpensive toy recommendations

1. Glitter Knobby Balls
2. Water Balls
(we bought one at a whopping $1.99 at a gift shop in Florida) 
3. Metal Pull Back Car (like the orange one in the picture)  You pull it back and let it go.  Now watch as it speeds across the floor!  It’s fun to race them!
4. An Alternative to the Metal Pull Back Car (these are so adorable)!
5. CUPCAKE Slap Bracelet ($1.00 for one) And she’ll walk around like a princess!
6. Monstaz Plush Toy (these little cuties talk when you push their tummy but it’s gibberish)  And that’s exactly why she loves it so much!  Go figure!

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  1. Oh so true. Some of my kids favorite toys are the most inexpensive things you could imagine and they could keep themselves entertained for hours one end. Totally haven't thought of slap bracelet by the way in years and still remember loving them back in the day!! :)

  2. My daughter loves those cars and trucks (#4)! I think we got them at Target, so cheap! Love these ideas...must try the water balls : )

  3. I hope you enjoyed your bloggy break.

    I find that the best toys are the ones that make the child use his/her imagination the most.

    Give the kids a cardboard box and see what amazing things they can do with it! They make spaceships, houses and the list goes on and on!

    Thanks so much for this post!

  4. So agree! On of our favorite toys in our house is a huge box that we have made into a little house/fort!

  5. I totally agree. My son loves playing with boxes and markers. It's amazing how they dont' care how much you spent. It's about how much fun they can have with it.

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  6. My daughter don't like her toys, she likes the spatulas, pots and pans. Lol

  7. LOL! I can so relate. My hubby has been telling me not to thing too much when buying toys. He's right! My son like to play with boxes, paper, and pans! Thanks so much for sharing with us @ My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekednd Blog Party :)

    The Wondering Brain


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