July 26, 2011

New Pics (Week 5)... And the number of the day is...

Okay here is a little change.  I figured I'd write this post as a list.  There were just so many things about Alivia to report.  As Sesame Street would say, the number of the day is 28.  Yes a mix of 28 facts, milestones, and randomness.  The letter of the day, of every day, is L as in Love Letters to Livvy.  I had originally posted this on Livvy's blog but had to post here as well as I had additional pictures to share.

1.  I love you.
2.  I may love you TOO much if that's even possible.
3.  You are the most adorable thing I've ever seen in, my almost, 35 years.  Yes, this year, mommy will be 35 years old.  Yikes!
4.  I can't help but to love your daddy more for helping me create such a wonderful little girl.

5.  You are standing on your own.
6.  You are taking steps on your own.
7.  You are falling down, yes, all on your own.  Don't worry though.  Mommy is always there to kiss the boo boos which, let's face it, are more and more these days.  I try not to have a heart attack every time you fall down go boom ;o)  I did expect this would come with mobility. 

8.  You have created what we like to call 'The Livvy Shuffle' as daddy would say.  It's between a scoot and a crawl and we can't help but to laugh every time you do it.
9.  You are moving quite quickly throughout the house and mommy can barely get a minutes rest.
10.  We had to child proof the cabinetry in the kitchen and now you sort of pull on them with this confused look on your face.  I'm sure you are wondering why the hell they do not open now.  I realize that I've taken all your fun away.  I'm a horrible mommy ;o)

11.  You are just starting to show more interest in the foods that mommy and daddy eat.  So now you are eating a wider variety of foods including: a. daddy's oatmeal, b. scrambled eggs, c. jello, d. yogurt, e. cheese sandwiches, f. hummus, g. french toast, h. pancakes, i. chicken, j. cheerios, k. alphabet pasta etc.  I was just starting to get nervous too that I had a picky eater on my hands. 
12.  You are pointing with your little chubby dimpled finger at almost everything and anything. 
13.  I have to restrain myself often from eating you up.
14.  You are referring to things as 'dis' and 'dat' as in 'this' and 'that'.
15.  You are repeating words and actions more frequently.
16.  You are finally starting to like peek-a-boo and actually play along much more willingly.
17.  It's much easier trying to get you to giggle.
18.  It's almost impossible to change your diaper now as you can barely sit still. 
19.  You love the pool and seem to have no fear when it comes to water.
20.  I am writing this post as you are feeding yourself your afternoon bottle while sitting in your highchair.  I've been starting with one bottle a day but soon I hope to report that you are drinking all your bottles by yourself. 
21.  You are responding well to the word 'NO' which, let's face it, is used more often than your actual name.   
22.  You are quite attached to me and as much as I may complain that I barely get a minute to myself, I secretly love it and wouldn't change a thing!
23.  You like to listen to music and have me (or Nana) dance around with you in our arms.  Until our arms fall off.
24.  You and Rocky are getting along just splendidly!  Sometimes I have to keep you from touching his ears because they are VERY sensitive.  He is very good with you and you with him.  I promised myself I wouldn't let you be one of those pooch abusin' toddlers. 
25.  You like to unfold the clean laundry that mommy just folded.  I have to laugh or I just may cry ;o)
26.  As I try to think of #25, you are laying tummy down in the living room with your bum in the air grunting like there was no tomorrow.  Yes, you are doing your afternoon poop and mommy can smell it a room away!
27.  You are making this new sound in your mouth which could only be the sound of teeth grinding.  I don't know where you picked this up.  I guess it must be weird to suddenly have things in your mouth.
28.  Your 1st birthday is just around the corner and mommy can barely contain her excitement!

And now, per the Amazing Mumford I will waive my magic wand and make some adorable pictures appear.

A..la..peanut butter sandwiches!

Let me try again.  A..la..pastrami sandwiches! 

And there ya have it.  Enjoy!

These last few are of a camel bell that I simply had to have.  I love its whimsy nature!  It is years old but I had to take photos of it!  It was ridiculously hard to choose which one I wanted since this artist made so many different animals to choose from.  They are ALL adorable.

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