May 19, 2014

A birdie’s nest outside my slider

About a week ago, my mom and Alivia found a bird’s nest on the tree planted outside my slider.  I’d been seeing this particular bird a lot, and it never dawned on me that I may have been housing a family of baby birds and a very protective mommy. Not really surprising.  I’ve been oblivious to the simple “right under my nose” things lately with more complicated things consuming my mind these days.  It’s true, that saying:

“If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


I try to remind myself to do this, stop and look around, but it’s always been difficult for me to follow through.  As the years go by, I’m happy to report I’ve been able to get better at it!  In fact, it may be the reason I haven’t taken my camera out a whole lot.  A lot of times I feel like I’m missing out on the wonderful things that life has to offer when I’m standing behind my lens instead of being interactive and really taking it all in with the people I love.  Don’t get me wrong, photography will always be a love of mine and I’ll never put it down permanently, but taking a break has been a refreshing change.

And now for a little birdie quote I thought fit nicely with my images…

A bird sitting on a tree is not afraid of the branch breaking because his trust is not in the branch but on it’s wings.  So believe in yourself, and win the world!

- author unknown

Birdie's Nest outside my slider via Cropped Stories

Wishes to everyone for a happy Monday and wonderful week!  If you missed my previous post, feel free to catch up!

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  1. Love this and trust me I too have had trouble over the years to stop and actually be more observant to look around. Like you, I am trying to get better at this as I get older now. So glad to see you here today and have a wonderful Tuesday now, too :)

  2. Cute! I never used to look around at nature either, until my little ones point and yell super excitedly "Look, a squirrel!" and you see the world through their eyes again. So awesome!


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