Video Tutorials

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Image Editing
Explore image editing processes from start to finish using Lightroom and Photoshop. 
Video Tutorials include the following tips, tricks, and more:
- how to sharpen your images
- how to smooth skin
- toning images
- dodge and burn
- brightening eyes

Learning the Software (Photoshop) - COMING SOON
- creating/duplicating layers
- clipping masks
- creating layer masks
- inverting masks
- concealing and revealing effects
- saving for the web/resizing

Learning the Software (Lightroom) - COMING SOON
- importing images
- see how the sliders work
- selective effect application

Graphics - COMING SOON
- using linked layers to apply papers and textures to text and shapes

Creating storyboards/collages
- creating a new file
- creating shapes
- creating clipping masks to add images
- spacing/centering/aligning objects
- cropping

- to post images on your blog 
- to create blog buttons/badges

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